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Welcome to Hill Fire! 

Hill Fire is a folk life play produced semi-annually by the Montgomery County Arts Council in Winona, Mississippi.  It is based on the real stories of people who live in the South.  A new play is locally written each year from collected stories and written history and depicts the lives, history, and traditions of Southerners and their families.

Hill Fire is the perfect venue for your tour group.  During the first weekend in October, a group can take in the Carrollton Pilgrimage and a Hill Fire show.  Just contact us and we will help set up your weekend. 


A new play is presented every October.  This show is remounted in the spring of the following year which gives you two chances to book a group each season. 

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"Unyielding" is based on the Mississippi Oral History Project Biography of Janelle Patey McComb of February 20, 2000. The play also includes some of the hilarious tales found in “And Life Goes on, on Thompson Hill” by Jerry Donald Thompson, a Mississippi storyteller who published a compilation of some of his best stories.  Set in Tupelo, Mississippi during the 1936 tornado outbreak and the 1937 mill strike and subsequent trial of six female factory workers who initiated a sit-down strike at the Tupelo Garment Company, the story tells of the strength and courage of women during the years after the Great Depression and how their boldness and determination saw them through the most difficult times of their lives.