Of Life and Lemons
Written by Elizabeth Locke Eldridge

Set in a small Mississippi town at the onset of the Great Depression, “Of Life and Lemons” is the story of young Bobby Ray whose life is riddled with tragic circumstances.  His mother, Julie Mae, has recently lost her youngest child shortly after birth which leaves her torn and ill.  With no support from her husband, she takes Bobby Ray and his sister Esther to live with her mother and Uncle Fed far away from the only home they had ever known.   Bobby Ray is very close to his mother and is content just to be with her, but Esther, a Daddy’s girl, is angry and bitter that she has been taken from her father.  As the family begins to settle into their new home, tragedy strikes again leaving Bobby Ray feeling abandoned and alone.  He struggles to find his way, and with the help of his family and members of the town he now calls home, he is able to learn how to survive a life full of lemons.  

Knee Deep
Written by Elizabeth Locke Eldridge

This fun-loving story is based on Home Is Where the Heart Is and Home Again - two books written by Arnold Douglas Dyre about his memories of growing up in rural Mississippi. Dyre's vivid recollections come to life in this humorous tale of a mischievous young boy as he finds his place in a world filled with his parents, his four sisters, and his dear friend, Mr. Jim.  

Off the Beaten Track
Written by Elizabeth Eldridge

Off the Beaten Track is set in the late 19th century and follows three families who find their lives taken in a direction that they never intended to go.  As each family struggles to rebuild their lives, fate takes each of them on a journey that none of them expected.

Athens of Mississippi
Written by Elizabeth Eldridge

Athens of Mississippi is set in 1859 during the heyday of Middleton, Mississippi. Seated at the crossroads of two major thoroughfares, the thriving community has the potential for becoming one of the most prosperous cities in the state. But when opportunities arise, the residents of the small southern town tend to always be at odds with each other. Will they make the right decisions, or will they become responsible for the death of the town they are so desperately trying to protect? 

The Home Front
Written by Steve Lester & Elizabeth Eldridge
The Home Front is a story set during World War 2 and depicts life on the home front during that time. The plot centers around an army Sergeant who works at a POW camp in Mississippi befriends a couple of German POWs and attempts to make their stay in America a little more interesting.

Bless This House


This play is centered around the reunion of singers and musicians from the surrounding area and the uniting of a diverse group of people who find that they can actually break down the fences that held them back in the past and be able to all live together in harmony. 

A Stone's Throw Away
A Stone’s Throw Away is set during the Great Depression and centers on a group of children who are bound together by their circumstances then ultimately separated by events beyond their control, and the grown man and woman who are reunited after a lifetime.

Listen to the Voices
Written by Charles Boebel & Steve Lester

Standing Like Angels
This was Hill Fire's very first play.  Standing Like Angels told the story of Pete and Mary's journey to Pete's hometown where Pete finds that things have changed since he lived there.  The couple discover a lot about themselves as they encounter the townspeople and their trials and tribulations.  

Time Will Tell
Hill Fire’s “Time Will Tell” is about a small Southern town and the everyday lives of the people who call it home.  Set in the late 1960s, the story begins with the planning of Heritage Day  - a day for remembering times before electricity, indoor plumbing, and fast-paced life.  It’s also election time and the candidates hold an old-time political rally where certain campaign promises seem to get out of hand.  And the townsfolk are all abuzz when a television reporter comes to town for a special interview.

Rock of Ages
Written by Steve Lester & Elizabeth Locke Eldridge

In His Hands
Written by Steve Lester and Elizabeth Locke Eldridge